Psoriasis is at the head of one of the causes, symptoms (in the photo) and the treatment of

One of the most common forms of psoriasis is psoriasis of the scalp. Like all the other forms of the disease, this type of treating chronic inflammatory processes non-infectious nature.

psoriasis on the head

The causes of the evolution of the disease

The result of many studies the evolution of the disease, the scientists were able to see that in a number of reasons for the development of the disease is made up of disrupt the functioning of certain body systems, namely the endocrine system, exchange, as well as a malfunction of the immunity. Often, people wonder: is contagious if the condition of the head? It is interesting to note that this disease has not of an infectious nature, is not transferable, violence, droplets, or by another path. Representatives of science and medicine claim that the disease is a kind of response of the organism to external and internal stimuli. It is frequent the reasons of occurrence of the disease are:

  • the nervous tension, and stress frequent;
  • decreased immunity, under the influence of various factors;
  • chemical and mechanical skin;
  • the transfer of certain infectious diseases;
  • an impact on the body of bad habits and the taking of drugs;
  • the use of certain drugs, and other.

These are just a few reasons why one may develop the disease, including the form that the psoriasis on the head. The precise causes of the disease is yet to be found and was not successful. There are many theories on which the group of researchers explain the possible triggers of the disease. The possible causes are also the following:

  • the violation of the bottom hormone of the body due to the violation of the organs of the endocrine system;
  • of pregnancy.
  • the inflammatory process in the body of different origin;
  • the effects of some toxic substances in the environment;
  • a bad power supply.

The form and stage of the disease

Psoriasis on the scalp most often takes place in several successive stages. The data forms are the following:

  1. Easy step takes place without acute symptoms. Characterized by the appearances of the spots, sheltered and scales bright. Lesions of the small, most often they are not accompanied by a strong inflammation.
  2. The acute phase – the appearance of the eruption, which extends over the whole head, accompanied by strong itching, sensation of discomfort and inflammation.

The symptoms and signs of the disease

The main symptoms of psoriasis of the head (photo of the initial phase, see below) skin rashes are. During the initial phase appear papules pink or red hue, preferably having a round or oval shape. The top of the stain are covered with small scales, which are easy to exfoliate. The continuation of the progression of the disease involves an increase in the eruption of the periphery and the formation of psoriatic plaques. Next, we consider the symptoms in more detail:

  • early stage of the disease does not cause much discomfort, the patients with no complaints;
  • then, you receive the itching of the skin, the feeling of discomfort, you receive the irritability of the skin;
  • the third phase has already been introduced symptoms joined to an inflammatory process;
  • the patient is scratching the wound, which causes the appearance of abrasions, chapping and often the adherence to a bacterial infection;
  • the evolution of the disease involves significant thickening of the skin and coat in pathological consequence of accelerated cell division;
  • the skin becomes vulnerable, easily lend themselves to injuries and damage;
  • the disease is spreading on an area of the skin near the line of hair growth, platelet and papules are accompanied by strong itching and a deterioration of the skin.
the diagnosis of psoriasis

The diagnosis of the disease

The first step in the successful treatment of psoriasis is rapid and correct diagnosis. To assign adequate treatment for the patient, you must:

  1. A visit to a dermatologist. The doctor visually look at the condition of the skin of the head of the patient, assess the situation, and is also conducting an oral survey of the patient.
  2. In laboratory studies, analysis of blood of a patient and the material taken from the exfoliation process of the skin.
  3. Also conducted an assessment of the state of lesions at the man for a few days.
  4. May also need a biopsy of the skin.
  5. The study of the skin scales under the microscope.

The presence of psoriasis confirm the following factors:

  • pathological the violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • barbarism the dermis layer has a swelling characteristic;
  • other violations of the deep layers of the skin at the cellular level.

Diet for psoriasis of the scalp

An important point in the treatment of scalp psoriasis is the observance of a special regime. It involves the use of products containing vegetable oils. The functioning of the liver should keep to the using fiber. Products that are useful in the treatment of psoriasis are:

  • the salads are dressed refined of sunflower oil;
  • boiled, cooked buckwheat, or oats;
  • the liver;
  • dairy products, such as cheese, cream, or cheese.

The patient should receive a sufficient amount of vitamins of groups A,B, and D, as well as the consumption of the food.

What does it

Any diet provides for a list of prohibited products. What does it take to psoriasis on the head? Products forbidden with this disease are:

  • dishes are prepared by the method of frying with a lot of fat;
  • citrus fruits;
  • chocolate and caffeine-containing beverages;
  • whole milk with a high percentage of fat;
  • vegetables and red fruits.
  • honey.

During the period of treatment is necessary to abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages.

The treatment of psoriasis on the head

Therefore, we will try to understand how to treat psoriasis on the head? After the diagnosis, the specialist often called a drug treatment aimed at the restoration of the normal metabolic processes of the skin of the man, of his regeneration, healing and recovery. For best results, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment, which includes the following methods:

  1. Therapy total.
  2. The ways of treatment to the outside of the application.
  3. Physiotherapy.
  4. The treatment in sanatoria and health resorts.

The application of the general therapy

Involves drugs, which are drugs that are:

the treatment of psoriasis
  • drugs, the sedative effects of the medication;
  • the antihistamines of the nature;
  • the immunotherapy;
  • the application of vitamins;
  • medications that increase the immunity;
  • aromatic retinoids;
  • the corticosteroids.

Corticosteroids drugs and cytostatic agents are used mainly in the stages of the disease. These drugs require special attention, as misuse can cause serious side effects and complications.

Shampoo for psoriasis of the scalp

The combined therapy with the psoriasis of the scalp includes the use of special shampoos. A shampoo for psoriasis, you need to maintain wet leather-the surface of the head 3 times per week.

Ointment of psoriasis on the head

Modern pharmacology offers many ointments with psoriasis on the head. It is one of the most effective effects on the disease. The ointment is necessary to apply on the affected area of the skin of the head, after having carefully examined the instructions. About the number of daily procedures it is best to consult your doctor.

Cream for psoriasis on the head

Creams, as well as the ointment, you want to apply only on the skin of the head. There are a multitude of creams effective psoriasis on the head. The cream must treat the affected areas.

The lotion of psoriasis on the head

One of the ways for the topical treatment of psoriasis on the head is an application of lotion. The lotion should only be applied on the affected area, pre-washing the head.


The processing of the data by the method includes the following procedures:

  • light therapy;
  • the treatment of the ultraviolet;
  • the aquatic therapy;
  • the use of a laser and other techniques

Medication for psoriasis on the head

For the treatment of the hairy part of the head, affected by psoriasis, you need a comprehensive therapy, which includes the use of these drugs:

  • sedatives;
  • antihistamines, medicines;
  • a complex of vitamins;
  • immunomodulators;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • tools for intravenous administration.

All these medicines enhance the general condition of the body, eliminating the disease from the inside out.

the treatment of traditional medicine

The recipes of traditional medicine

What can you treat psoriasis on the head? With the traditional drug treatment of psoriasis on the head, to the house widely used recipes based on natural materials, including herbs. Herbal medicine is an excellent adjunct method of treatment and together with them gives very positive results. So, let's look at some ways for the treatment of psoriasis of the head to the house.

A tool based on the celandine

The name of the herb is the eloquent proof of its healing properties. Celandine apply with success to get rid of psoriatic patches and skin. For the preparation of medicines need the fresh plant to the number of 200, the Grass well grind and squeeze the juice. In the liquid add 20 ml of red wine. Use the tool for the treatment of eruptions on the skin and in the hair. It should be done 3-4 times per day to the purification of the skin.

The treatment with the help of sunflower

The drug is prepared using a sunflower baskets of plants that are not yet ripe. The sunflower is composed of components with a pronounced anti-inflammatory and regenerating of the property. For cooking take 2-3 baskets of plants and completely crushed anyway. After adding 150 ml of white or red wine. Infuse the drug must at least 2 nights in the cold room. Use the tool in the form of lotions for 15-20 minutes.

The egg

The treatment of psoriasis on the scalp of the skin surface can be made using chicken eggs. For the preparation of the tools 2 parts of origin of the ingredient.

  1. The eggs should cook to the hull, after which, a little to cool, remove the shell and cut into small pieces.
  2. The mass obtained in a frying pan until the appearance of liquid. To add, you have nothing.
  3. Formed by an oily liquid should be applied on the arms psoriasis on the scalp.

The procedure is best done before you go to bed. In the morning, rinse the head. Continue this treatment until the complete disappearance of the signs of the disease.


For the treatment of psoriasis need apple cider vinegar, it should be mixed with purified water in equal proportions. Received a solution to handle it gently to the affected area of the skin on the head, using a small piece of natural fabric. It is necessary to try not to damage educated crusts. This procedure allows you to perform 1 time per day. Rinse may already be at the end of 1 hour.


In order to eliminate the psoriasis in need of such a mixture of herbs: nettle, chicory, persil, reed and burdock. All ingredients must take the same number of, only nettle 2 more times. Mix the herbs. 1 tablespoon of this mixture, pour 0.5 liters of water, boil for 10 minutes. After which let it rest for about 20 minutes. Broth ready to filter and drink 1 cup before meals.

The onion

This procedure is fairly simple. It is necessary to 1 large bulb extract the juice, which should treat the skin of the head. Do not rinse for at least 3 hours. Therefore, it is preferable to perform such a procedure just before bedtime.

Sea buckthorn oil

This ingredient can buy in a drugstore ready-to-use, as well as the prepare. To do this, it will be berries of sea buckthorn, which has to grind it in a mixer and allow to dry. After which, connect the refined sunflower-seed oil or olive oil in a ratio of 1:1. Insist in a dark place for 1 week, shaking periodically. After the time of the solution drain. Received the sea buckthorn oil is applied on the skin of the head using a cotton swab. The procedure is repeated 3 times per day. Before using the oil should be heated to the ambient temperature.

The baking soda

An effective tool for psoriasis is the soda. It relieves the inflammation and redness. To eliminate this disease, it must be a small amount of baking soda diluted in water to obtain viscous porridge. It is necessary to impose to the sick of the area until it is completely dry. The water is better not to wet. Already after a few treatments, will be visible as a positive result.

Tea tree oil

This tool has a beneficial effect on the skin. It has antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties. View psoriasis is at the head of the tea tree oil is quite simple: you want to apply on the affected areas 3 times per day. Best not to rinse. Using this tool, you can buy it in any pharmacy. The race water is not necessary.

the prevention of psoriasis


Prevention is also a part of the treatment, which allows you to save the positive results achieved and prevent the recurrence of the disease. Prevention involves the following steps:

  • the observance of the proper diet;
  • an active lifestyle and the observance of the day;
  • regular hygiene of the procedure;
  • the right choice of personal care products for the hair;
  • selection of combs made from natural materials;
  • it is necessary to refuse the hair dryer and other means, to the poses, so that the scalp is sec.

Respecting the precautionary measures and in a timely manner by contacting the hospital, to be able to avoid the disease and its consequences.