The causes of psoriasis: know how to get rid

This article describes the reasons of occurrence of psoriasis. The know is extremely important, because it is getting rid of the causes of the disease, you can get recovery.

The objective is to assist in determining the causes of psoriasis. And, therefore, to understand, by working on the factors, you can obtain an improvement of the state and of the healing.

Psoriasis – the result of a combination of reasons both internal and external

The disease manifests itself, if a combination of external factors and internal mechanisms exceeds a certain individual threshold. The result of this in the body are activated by an autoimmune process (the immune response against its own cells) and appear the characteristic symptoms of the disease.

The causes of psoriasis
  • The external causes is a way of life and the environmental factors, causing the onset of psoriasis, or lead to its deterioration.
  • The main reason internal psoriasis — a genetic predisposition. It is the genes, we have inherited a legacy from our parents. The genes determine the innate properties of the body, which are notably involved in the development of psoriasis.

Not the only reason for the development of psoriasis. The disease results from a combination of resources and a multitude of external causes.

Approaches in the treatment of psoriasis: the symptoms or the cause?

We will examine approaches in the treatment of psoriasis.

Eliminate the causes of psoriasis is extremely difficult, because the medicine is not learned to influence the genes of the patient.

At the same time, causes the external appearance of the psoriasis the elimination of the resistance fighters. It is through the influence on them, it is possible to achieve a sustainable remission. Why it is so important to pay attention to them.

All causes of psoriasis combines two important factors:

  • the influence of these external causes on the development of psoriasis confirmed scientifically;
  • the impact on the external causes no side effects and provides many benefits.

The benefits of working together with causes of psoriasis

Consider the benefits of treatment of psoriasis, with the help of the impact of external factors:

  • the stable result: because of the elimination of external causes, psoriasis is achieved resistant remission of the disease;
  • does not use drugs;
  • the absence of complications and side effects that may occur with the medication;
  • no dependency on the therapy, as in the case of drug treatment, had the effect, you need to increase the dose;
  • not need hospitalization;
  • does not require significant financial costs, on the contrary, it saves time and money;
  • occurs common the sanitizing effect.
The treatment of psoriasis

The problem of the medical approach in the treatment of psoriasis

Unfortunately, this approach has its drawbacks and allows a time. The treatment often causes side effects, and after stopping the treatment the psoriasis comes back or even strengthened.

External for the same reasons of the disease and the doctors, and the patients are often not given enough attention.

To do this, patients have their own reasons:

  • The elimination of external causes of psoriasis, he will need sick other efforts. It is much easier to take the pill than to follow a diet and give up alcohol.
  • Patients are not aware of all the disadvantages of the treatments.
  • Patients don't understand that with drugs, you can eliminate only the symptoms of the disease, and this only for some time.
  • The sick do not know about effective ways for alternative methods of psoriasis treatment.

Also the doctors have reasons to flee the external causes of psoriasis, but only with its symptoms:

  • Such an approach would require, and a specialist in other activities. In fact, the doctor is much easier and faster to write the recipe on the hormonal ointment, to convince the patient to eat a healthy diet, stop smoking and learn to manage stress.
  • The doctors are overloaded with work: among them a very large number of patients and time is limited to the reception of a patient.
  • Doctors, generally, do not report on the causes of psoriasis in the universities and to education, by giving priority to a treatment with medicines and hormonal ointment.

The approach of official medicine in the treatment of psoriasis aims to eliminate the symptoms and not the causes of the disease. However, this treatment often have side effects, and discontinuation of treatment results in a strengthening of the psoriasis.Therefore, the official medicine until mainly focused only on the resolution of the symptoms of psoriasis. This is why the patient it is important to take measures to external causes.

The impact on external causes does not require the use of medication. Therefore, do not cause the difficulties that arise when attempting to get rid of the symptoms of psoriasis with the help of medication. And at the same time, the elimination of external causes, can lead to a remission.

  • The psoriasis is manifested by the impact of internal and external causes.
  • Affect the causes of psoriasis is almost impossible.
  • External, causes psoriasis is amenable to elimination.
  • Work with external causes may lead to a remission of psoriasis.
  • The impact on the external causes free from defects and has many advantages.
  • The approach of the official medicine for the treatment of psoriasis temporarily allows it to resolve its symptoms. However, this treatment may cause side effects, and after the cancellation of the treatment of psoriasis manifests itself again.
  • The best way to get rid of psoriasis — determine its external causes in Your particular case and eliminate them.

The external causes of psoriasis

The main external causes, leading to the emergence of psoriasis are the following. Trauma to the skin, a poor diet, stress, alcohol, tobacco, infections and the consumption of certain drugs.

Among the most common causes of psoriasis: a bad diet, damage to the skin, alcohol, smoking, infectious diseases and certain drugs

Trauma to the skin

Psoriasis is directly related to the corruption of the skin.

An injury can cause the aggravation or the appearance of new lesions, where it was not.

Cause the disease can anything that wounds the skin:

  • scratches, cuts, corns, scratches;
  • thermal, solar, chemical or other burns;
  • dermatitis (skin inflammation) due to the contact with the allergen, the "chemistry" and sensitivity to the sun;
  • the bites of insects and animals;
  • tattoo;
  • removal of plaster;
  • acupuncture acupuncture, reflexology);
  • the vaccination.

Diet, obesity and the "leaky" the gut

There are two points of view on the relationship of the patient's diet, his state of the gastro-intestinal tract and psoriasis. A point of view of official medicine, the other point of view alternative, or alternative, medicine.

The point of view of the official medicine

Official of the medical science almost does not study directly the impact of diet and the state of the digestive system on the emergence and the development of psoriasis. And at the same time that this link is not proven. Scientific Articles on the subject published recently. This may be due to the predominance in the official medical practice of treatment with the aid of drugs, and not natural methods of treatment and prevention.

However widely explored link between excess weight and the weight and responsiveness of the psoriasis to the standard therapy.

Between psoriasis and excess weight, there are two channels of communication.

On the one hand, obesity is a factor increasing the risk of psoriasis. On the other hand, the psoriasis-like psycho-social problem in itself can cause weight gain due to "galling" of the problem.

Obesity causes of severe psoriasis, and to a decrease of the mass of the body improves the condition of patients.

A low-fat diet reduces the manifestations of psoriasis. In a study comparing two groups of patients who were on a diet that's low in calories and a normal healthy diet, without calorie restriction.

A point of view, informal (alternative) medicine: "leaky" the gut as the cause of the psoriasis

In the informal sector of medicine, one of the main causes of psoriasis is considered to be an increase in the permeability of the wall of the intestine.

This condition is also called the syndrome of leakage of the intestine or the syndrome of leaking intestine. It is on this approach is based one of the most known and effective methods in the alternative medicine – the treatment of psoriasis by the method of John Pagano "the Natural way".

Believe that the increase in the permeability of the intestinal wall can lead to others, including the autoimmune diseases, of diseases. For example, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, is not specific to ulcerative colitis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism and others.

The official science recognizes the existence of this pathology, that the increase of intestinal permeability. However, what the "syndrome of leaking intestine" directly causes listed above the disease, considers the theory. And the reasoning on this account is considered a way to increase sales of probiotics, food supplements, medicinal plants and this type, the effectiveness of what not to be studied, and also has not been proven.

Despite this, there are many testimonials from people with psoriasis, confirming the effectiveness of the application of a regime and other methods of non-conventional treatment of leakage in the intestine in the fight against psoriasis.

As leaky gut leads to the development of psoriasis

Due to the increase of the permeability of the intestinal wall in the blood and the lymph fluid does not penetrate until the end of cooking the proteins, the bacteria, fungi, parasites and toxins.

The causes of the syndrome of leaking intestine

Syndrome of leaking intestine will cause:

  • irrational or a bad power supply,
  • alcohol,
  • caffeine-containing beverages (coffee, tea, cola, energy, etc),
  • fast food and semi-finished products containing preservatives, colorings, flavors, etc,
  • foods rich in sugar, fat, white flour, gluten, and other.
  • Fast food
  • some types of products — solanaceae, which includes, for example, tomatoes and potatoes;
  • dysbacteriosis, resulting in particular by the problems of the use of antibiotics;
  • inadequate water consumption (the norm for a man weighing 70 kg – at least 2 litres of drinking water per day);
  • the chronic constipation;
  • the stress;
  • heredity;
  • the disease of the spine with displacement of the vertebrae and of the achievement of the nerves going to the bowel.

The stress

The appearance of psoriasis on the nervous system confirmed by the scientific data. And stress can be the cause of the development of psoriasis and the consequence.

A vacation to the sea allows you to eliminate the stress: the television, the value of the dollar and bad food remained in the house, the sun provides vitamin D and sea landscape soothes himself.

  • Psoriasis is caused of the stress and of itself generates stress.
  • Finding methods for relaxation and stress management, effective for You.
  • Give preference to natural methods to fight the stress: yoga, meditation, cognitive-behavioral therapy, walking, and physical activity.
  • To relieve the stress of not resorting to a variety of harmful substances, e.g., alcohol, tobacco, and excess and unhealthy foods. First of all, they can cause psoriasis, and on the other hand, are other health problems.
  • In severe depression, you should definitely consult a doctor and strictly follow their assigned medical treatment.


Proved the strong correlation between alcohol and the risk of psoriasis.

However, the mechanism of this relationship is elucidated is not up to the end. Alcohol can increase the toxic load on the liver. Because of this part of the function of the elimination of toxins assumes the skin.

Also alcohol leads to metabolic disorders: impairment of the absorption of proteins, vitamins and trace elements. This deprives the body, including the skin, with a normal capacity of the restoration.

  • More often and in greater quantity the patient consumes alcohol, more and more of the manifestation of psoriasis.
  • The best possible solutions — give up on all types of alcohol.
  • If the abandon entirely the alcohol is not possible, try to reduce consumption to a minimum. However, one should keep in mind that each alcohol consumption can cause an exacerbation.


Great the prevalence of psoriasis among smokers compared to non-smokers positive people.

The risk of psoriasis and its severity in smokers is much higher than in non-smokers.

The risk of psoriasis in smokers are much higher than never-smokers.

It is proven that: all of the directly affects the severity of psoriasis and increases the risk of developing psoriatic arthritis.

Smoking the risk of psoriasis was 1.4 times higher than in non-smokers. However, it is uniformly decreases with the increase of the duration of smoking cessation. And in 20 years, the risk of dropout and never smoked become equal.

  • Smoking and psoriasis, supporting each other phenomena, in fact, some of all help to deal with the psychological problems that accompany psoriasis.
  • Unfortunately, quitting smoking is no less difficult to give up alcohol. But the results of scientific research are convinced that it is necessary to do so.
The infection

The infection

Psoriasis is not contagious and is not contagious. However, the infection is often cause the onset of psoriasis or cause its aggravation.

This has been confirmed by numerous studies.


Streptococcus — a bacteria that lives in the nose and the mouth. It is one of the most common causes of tonsillitis (inflamed tonsils or acute tonsillitis).

Other infections

Also the exacerbation of psoriasis, can cause other infections, for example:

  • the herpes simplex viruses,and varicella,
  • cytomegalovirus,
  • parvovirus B19,
  • staphylococci,
  • candida,
  • helicobacter pylori,
  • Yersinia (can cause psoriatic arthritis).
  • Avoid colds!
  • A problem with the throat solve with the help of the prevention and natural methods, for example, yoga.
  • Protect yourself from potential sources of infection.
  • Move more!
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat more fruits and vegetables and take a quality multivitamin.